South Korean Prosecuters Charges Terraform Co-Founder, $185M in Frozen Assets

South Korean Prosecuters Charges Terraform Co-Founder, $185M in Frozen Assets

Terraform Labs, the blockchain-based platform that was on a mission to create a stablecoin-based global payment system, has been in the spotlight lately, but for all the wrong reasons. 

Daniel Shin, one of the co-founders of this highly acclaimed platform, is facing some serious charges leveled against him by South Korean prosecutors. Along with nine others, Shin has been accused of making a staggering $346.2 million. This was done by selling their coins before the crash, which dealt a severe blow to investors.

The prosecutors didn’t stop there. They questioned the very foundation of Terra, calling it a “fictitious” venture. The allegations have caused immense damage. With the accused have their assets totaling $184.6 million frozen as part of the ongoing investigation.

Shin has been charged with illicit trading, including fraud and violating capital-markets laws and regulations. Especially those related to electronic financial transactions and fundraising. Seven others, who have claimed to be closely associated with Terra and have held positions in management, marketing, and system development, are also facing charges.

Furthermore, two other individuals have been accused of breaching trust and accepting unlawful bribes. This was done reportedly in exchange for rendering favors to Terra concerning its LUNA digital currency. This situation has cast a dark shadow over Terra’s reputation and future. How this legal battle will impact the digital currency industry and the trust investors place in it is yet to be seen.

South Korean Court

(The Seoul Central District Court. Source: Kyodo News)

Terraforms Co-founder Defense

A recent legal battle involving Daniel Shin, the co-founder of Terraform Labs, has rocked the digital currency industry. The allegations made against Shin and nine others by South Korean prosecutors allege that they made $346.2 million in profits. This was done by selling their coins before the crash.

However, Shin’s legal team asserts that investors were informed of a payment system that was terminated when Shin and Kwon split. This payment system involved Chai investing user payment contributions in TerraKRW linked to the South Korean won. Therefore, using the earnings to benefit users.

Furthermore, Shin’s attorneys contend that their client left Terraform Labs prior to the development of the protocols mentioned in the allegations, such as the Anchor Protocol and the Mirror Protocol, thus he was not involved in these activities.

These allegations have raised serious concerns about the credibility and reliability of digital currencies. As the case unfolds, it will be fascinating to see how it impacts Terra’s future and the wider cryptocurrency market.



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