Twitter Suspends AI Bot Linked to Memecoin

Twitter Suspends AI Bot Linked to Memecoin

Twitter responded by suspending the popular AI-powered Twitter account “Explain This Bob” after Elon Musk might have deemed it a “scam crypto account.” Musk was suspended shortly after making his accusation on June 18.

Prabhu Biswal from India established the account, which used OpenAI’s GPT-4 model to produce responses to tweets addressed to it. Before it was suspended, it had over 400,000 followers. It was also linked to a meme coin known as Bob Token (BOB). Following the suspension, the token’s price dropped by more than 30% on CoinGecko.

Musk’s stance on the ban has shifted, despite his past praise for the bot. He tweeted “I love Bob” in response to one of its tweets at the time. Musk’s tweet was even featured on the bot’s website.

Although the Explain this Bob account was suspended, no action was taken against the Bob Token account. Some believe Musk fears the bot was deployed as a marketing tool to increase the token’s price. In response to the suspension, the project team created a hilarious meme depicting Musk monitoring Bob in prison.

The cryptocurrency community on Twitter has chosen the hashtag #FREEBOB to show their confidence that BOB is not a fraudulent coin. They truly believe the suspension was unjustified. BOB supporters claim that it is completely decentralized, with a fair launch and no tax system. They further say that the team did not provide any tokens or airdrops to themselves before to the token’s April launch.

There has been no official response from the owner or Twitter regarding the suspension as of yet. It is unclear whether Elon Musk will present any evidence to back up his assertion that BOB is a fraudulent cryptocurrency account.


Finally, Twitter’s suspension of the AI bot “Explain This Bob” has sparked debate. Blockchain supporters believe the ban was unfair, citing the coin’s fair introduction and decentralized nature. The situation is still developing, and further information from the parties concerned is expected.



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