Twitter Users Can Now Trade Crypto And Stocks Through eToro

Twitter Users Can Trade Bitcoin In App

Twitter has taken a significant step forward in its crypto integration. Some hours ago, Twitter officially enabled crypto and stock trading on-site. This service comes after a partnership between Twitter and eToro. The move comes from the recent collaboration announcement between the two companies. Initially, this partnership only allowed users to observe real-time stock and crypto prices. However, the partnership evolved into what we see today on the social media platform.

Over the past few months, Twitter has been building its connection to the crypto industry. In December, the platform launched a feature that enables users to search for specific crypto to view prices. The latest development, enabling stock trading, came naturally after these efforts.

The relationship between Twitter and the crypto industry has been present for years. This relationship was strengthened particularly after Elon Musk acquired Twitter. Musk is a major influencer in the cryptocurrency space and is one of the biggest supporters of Dogecoin. As the social media platform has incorporated various aspects of the crypto industry into its features, it also touched upon the stock market. For your information, Twitter began integrating crypto into the platform even before Musk. Back in 2021, Twitter rolled out the “Bitcoin tipping” feature, allowing people to tip each other through BTC.

Twitter’s Recent Move Could Be An Attempt To Transition To The “Everything App” Known as X

Twitter allowing users to trade various assets directly on the platform could be an attempt to turn Twitter into the “Everything App.” Through the recent partnership, Musk could be slowly rolling out his plan to turn Twitter into his dream app. The “Everything App,” also known as X, was just an idea until some days ago. This all changed when some documents were published showing Musk applying to officially change the name of Twitter to X. So, while the recent partnership is unusual, it aligns with his vision to transform the platform into a “super app.” Offering a wide range of financial services to its users might be the first step.

As stated above, users could view real-time trading data from TradingView via eToro’s Cashtag feature until now. Reports suggest that Musk aims to keep integrating different asset classes into the Twitter platform.

As Twitter and eToro continue to set new standards in the social media industry, we will closely monitor how crypto and stock trading impact the platform’s user experience. The move will likely attract a new audience of investors and traders. Additionally, it may serve as a blueprint for other social media platforms. If the trend continues, Musk might also integrate its new X.AI artificial intelligence software into Twitter.