UK Court Grants Craig Wright’s Appeal in Bitcoin Rights Lawsuit

UK Court Grants Craig Wright's Appeal in High-Stakes Bitcoin Rights Lawsuit

A new development in the cryptocurrency realm has piqued the interest of both Bitcoin enthusiasts and specialists. A British court granted Craig Wright, who claims to be the inventor of Bitcoin, the right to appeal a case over the copyright of the Bitcoin white paper and database on July 20.

Wright initiated the case in 2016 and charges 13 Bitcoin Core engineers as well as other organizations such as Blockstream and Coinbase. It essentially states that they may have violated his copyright on the Bitcoin white paper. More specifically, it is the Bitcoin blockchain’s file format and database privileges. 

The central question is whether the Bitcoin file format qualifies for copyright protection. Initially, the court decided against Wright a few months ago, claiming that his arguments failed to demonstrate how the Bitcoin file format was initially recorded. This is a critical concept in intellectual property law. However, the decision to grant Wright’s appeal reopened the debate on the case.

Wright’s claim to be the creator of Bitcoin is one of the primary issues of contention in the lawsuit. The Bitcoin Legal Defense Fund (BLDF), which represents the creators, claims Wright has not produced any evidence to support this assertion. The court cannot rule on the lawsuit’s claims unless Wright can verify his identity as Satoshi Nakamoto.  The trial is scheduled to commence in early 2024.

Wright’s thesis revolves around the notion that the Bitcoin Core developers act as a centralized entity in charge of the Bitcoin network. Because the Bitcoin code is open-source, this claim has alarmed the crypto community. Users have the right to reuse the code for any purpose, including proprietary software, under the terms of this license.

The decision to approve Wright’s appeal has far-reaching consequences, not only for the cryptocurrency community but for everyone around the globe. 


The case has generated discussions about the protection of intellectual property in the digital age. While the conclusion is unknown, the cryptocurrency community will be monitoring how this lawsuit plays out. It has enormous potential ramifications for the future of open-source projects and innovation.


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