UK Crime Agency Looking Out for Crypto Investigators

UK Crime Agency Looking Out for Crypto Investigators

The National Crime Agency (NCA) of the United Kingdom is ramping up its efforts to combat cybercrime and cryptocurrency-related activities. In order to combat cybercrime in the nation as a whole, the NCA has established a specialist unit known as the NCCU Crypto Cell. This organization mostly investigates cyber issues involving cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

The NCA is looking for two seasoned blockchain investigators as part of its continuous commitment to increasing regulatory emphasis on digital assets. They seek these professionals to join the Complex Financial Crime Team’s (CFCT) newly formed digital assets team.

These seasoned cryptocurrency detectives will be critical in managing complicated investigations involving digital assets under the Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA). The POCA empowers authorities to seize and redistribute illicit proceeds for the benefit of the community. This combined effort will assist to prevent some crypto crimes from occurring. Furthermore, it may contribute to the cessation of various money laundering operations in the nation. 

This position offers a competitive salary as well as a number of additional civil service benefits. Because blockchain is a new technology, it is difficult to locate many blockchain professionals.

The team emphasized the importance of this opportunity, adding that the selected individuals will be at the center of protecting the UK against cybercrime. Cybercrime has afflicted the whole United Kingdom for about a decade, and they are working to put a stop to it.

With the increased use of cryptocurrencies in illicit transactions, the NCA sees the significance of enhancing its investigative skills. The NCA hopes to keep ahead of hackers by hiring smart personnel with knowledge of blockchain technology and financial investigations.


Finally, the NCA’s attempt to recruit crypto detectives reflects the agency’s dedication to tackling cybercrime. The agency is well-prepared to deal with the ever-changing world of digital asset-related crimes. The NCA’s goal with these measures is to establish a safer online environment for all UK people.


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