Ultra Launches Esports Platform with Tokens & NFT Prizes

Ultra Launches Esports Platform with Tokens & NFT Prizes

In addition to recently introducing its own PC game store, cryptocurrency gaming startup Ultra is forging new territory by announcing “Ultra Arena”. It is an esports tournament platform built on its blockchain network. On August 8, Ultra Arena launches a platform for competitions with rewards like tangible goods, UOS tokens, and NFTs. People, brands, and organizations can host leagues, offering diverse incentives to participants. The platform promises to close the gap between amateur video game players and esports pros, paving the route for them to advance to professional levels.

Ultra Arena creates a fun and competitive space for gamers. Players can showcase skills and win valuable prizes. The Ultra Arena will initially focus on well-known PC games like League of Legends, Overwatch 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO), and PUBG, as well as titles available on Ultra Games (Ultra’s PC gaming storefront). Winners will receive tokens and NFT rewards directly to their associated wallets. This ensures a seamless and transparent reward system for players.

Together with Belgian video game distributor CLD Distribution, Ultra has created Ultra Arena. CLD Distribution will assist in shipping actual prizes internationally and finding more games for the platform. The collaboration is ready to offer fans of both amateur and professional athletes an exciting and diverse esports experience.

Gamers must establish a digital identity on the Ultra blockchain. Ultra is a layer-1 network that branched from the EOS blockchain. On-chain progress tracking on the platform enhances community respect and trust. Participants gain recognition as they succeed in competitions. Detected cheaters will face a permanent ban from the system. All their hard-earned achievements will be lost.

Ultra Arena’s on-chain development may offer early game access based on past performance. Players could enjoy additional benefits beyond tournaments.

“If you participated in tournaments, we will know how well you perform” argues Nicolas Gilor, co-CEO of Ultra.

Ultra Arena: Redefining Esports and Empowering Gamers

Additionally, the traceability of player performance generates a recruiting pool for esports teams, making it simpler for businesses to spot talent. Gilot wants the site to be a place where game publishers and developers can find niche testers and provide them with exclusive in-game benefits.

While traditional esports have struggled with declining support and financing, Ultra Arena aims to build a more diverse and inclusive competitive scene that welcomes players of all skill levels. Ultra Arena aims to attract businesses, game developers, and marketers for esports marketing. They offer sponsored tournaments and opportunities to compete in new titles.

Launching at a critical juncture for esports’ global expansion, Ultra Arena offers gamers and industry stakeholders new opportunities and excitement. The gaming community is anticipating the wave of innovation and opportunity that Ultra Arena promises to provide as the platform starts to disrupt the transition from amateur to professional gaming. 



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