Uniswap Scam Impersonates Executives with Fake Website

Uniswap Fraudsters impersonate executives and create fake website

In an unexpected turn of events, scammers recently targeted Uniswap, a popular decentralized finance platform, in a scam. This hoax was highly clever, and the crooks went to considerable lengths. The false Uniswap website was quite realistic, and they even impersonated high-ranking company executives.

Hayden Adams, the inventor of Uniswap, expressed his surprise at the complex sophistication of the scam on Twitter. He was astounded by the effort that had gone into designing the misleading website. The crooks also staged a phony Zoom meeting with people pretending to be Uniswap officials. This amount of time spent on designing a fraud is astounding.

Adams stated unequivocally that neither Uniswap nor the Uniswap Foundation was engaged in the creation of the website or the phony Zoom call.  He said that the video was entirely fabricated and had no connection to the actual team.

The cryptocurrency community believes that the scam was linked to a video marketing the Uniswap coin. This is because it features Chinese people. Titles like “The first Uniswap Asian Summit” were added to make it look more legitimate.

To tackle the scam, Adams and his colleagues have been working hard to remove the domain that was used for the fake website.  In addition, their efforts are aimed at preventing Uniswap users from being victims of this unlawful behavior. 

It is critical for the platforms users and the cryptocurrency community as a whole to be wary of such scams. Before completing any transactions or revealing personal information, always verify the validity of websites and information. To ensure the protection of your digital wallets, rely on official announcements and updates from trusted sources.


Uniswap’s reputation is still intact as the company has no sort of involvement in this scam. This should serve as a warning to other businesses to take down phony scam websites designed to defraud people. You should also exercise caution while disclosing any confidential information.



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