Unstoppable Domains adds .eth domains through ENS

Unstoppable Domains adds .eth domains through ENS

Unstoppable Domains and Ethereum Name Service (ENS) have agreed to work together to provide a more seamless and convenient experience for Web3 domain names. These two top services in the decentralized domain field have merged, making it possible for users to effortlessly generate human-readable domain names and cryptocurrency wallet addresses.

Unstoppable Domains is now a one-stop shop for Web3 domains, with a large selection of cryptocurrency-related names. Some of these are .eth, .nft, and .x, and you can acquire them all in one location. This significant advancement adds convenience and simplicity to the process of purchasing and managing domains.

Users can now purchase .eth domain names through Unstoppable Domains using a variety of payment methods thanks to the addition of ENS support. The company’s new functionality simplifies the management of ENS domains. This effectively makes purchasing a .eth domain easier than ever before.

It’s worth noting that all .eth domains purchased through the company will be registered using the ENS smart contract. This implies they will have the same functionality as individuals who have registered directly with ENS. In other words, users can take advantage of all the benefits and features of ENS domains without sacrificing anything.

This incredible collaboration between ENS and Unstoppable Domains has brought together two titans of the web3 scene. This collaboration paves the way for many new blockchain enterprises to collaborate and create new opportunities. This collaboration represents a watershed moment in the decentralized domain sector. It essentially provides users with a uniform and user-friendly experience throughout their Web3 domains.


Finally, Unstoppable Domains’ incorporation of ENS support has opened the way for a simplified and complete solution for Web3 domain names. Users may now purchase and manage.eth domains with other domain extensions in a single location. This collaboration among Unstoppable Domains and ENS ensures that customers can easily take use of the benefits of decentralized domains.


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