New US Crypto Crime Task Force Established

New US Crypto Crime Task Force Established

The formation of a specialized task force by the US government marks a significant step forward in the battle against cryptocurrency crimes and darknet operations. The “Darknet Marketplace and Digital Currency Crimes Task Force,” comprised of five federal law enforcement agencies, seeks to look into and dismantle criminal groups that engage in drug trafficking, money laundering, personal data theft, and child exploitation.

Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) Arizona, the Office of United States Attorneys, the Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigation, the Drug Enforcement Administration, and the Postal Inspection Service are all part of the task force. These agencies will increase their resources and boost their efforts by formalizing their relationship. All of this is being done to battle criminals who use cryptocurrency and the dark web.

In recent years, authorities have been more aware of illicit actions involving cryptocurrency. This is primarily due to the darknet’s anonymity.

These illegal acts pose serious risks to public safety and national security. The task force, which was recently constituted, attempts to disrupt and dismantle criminal organizations participating in these activities. As a result, blockchain users around the country may be assured of their safety and well-being.

The task force’s principal mission will be to investigate criminal organizations in Arizona. They will look closely at how these organizations use cryptocurrencies and the dark web to carry out their unlawful activities. By gathering information, the agencies hope to bring these offenders to prison while protecting innocent people from danger.

In addition, the launch of the task team complements previous recent initiatives to tackle crypto-related crimes. A Virtual Asset Exploitation Unit has been established by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).  In addition, the Justice Department formed the National Cryptocurrency Enforcement Team. These actions indicate the government’s determination to keep ahead of cryptocurrency fraudsters.


All in all, these US government agencies are ready to make a huge difference by coordinating and pooling their resources. They intend to keep fighting crypto-related crimes , darknet activity and will undermine criminal networks by working together.  They also seek to protect financial institutions and vulnerable people from exploitation.


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