y00ts: We’re Moving Our NFT Data to Ethereum

y00ts: We're Moving Our NFT Data to Ethereum

The widely-known NFT collection called y00ts has made a significant announcement: it is shifting from Polygon to the Ethereum mainnet. This migration marks the second such move for y00ts, as it was initially minted on Solana before transitioning to Polygon earlier this year.

The primary goal of this move is to bring the y00ts and DeGods communities back together. The community’s reception of this decision has been generally positive.

However, there has been some fluctuation in the floor prices of y00ts. The price briefly surged to over 2 ETH but subsequently experienced a sharp decline of 31%, currently resting at 1 ETH ($1,850). In a similar vein, the flagship collection of the ecosystem, DeGods, also saw a 20% reduction in its floor price.

The y00ts team is making preparations to return the grant they had received from the Polygon team. The exact date for the migration will be announced at a later time.

DeGods Season 3

Shortly after the news broke from y00ts, DeLabs broke the news that Season 3 of DeGods would soon be arriving. This new season brings with it a number of improvements to the collection, some of which are the addition of generative art, the removal of characteristics that are less desirable, and the launch of gender-swappable non-fictional characters (NFTs).


The y00ts NFT collection initially launched on Solana, then transitioned to Polygon earlier this year, and has now completed its migration to Ethereum after its initial launch on Solana. On the other hand, DeGods went from Solana to Ethereum without any intervening steps.

A majority of users on Twitter have voiced their approval of this choice. A user gave the following feedback: “Taking into consideration the current size and development of the community, this is a very astute move.” Maintaining allegiance to a single chain is the most convenient option. It’s wonderful to see how much the team is growing and changing.


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