Influencer Zachery Ty Bryan Owes Money in Crypto Scams

Influencer Zachery Ty Bryan Owes Money in Crypto Scams

 Zachery Ty Brian, well known for his appearance in the TV show Home Improvement, has recently been accused of participating in cryptocurrency fraud. According to reports, he became involved in the realm of cryptocurrencies after being influenced by Brock Pierce. Brock was a great early success with Bitcoin (BTC) investing, and he made a fortune from it.

Bryan is said to have partnered with another company called Producers Market. This was a software business that aimed to help farmers and educate customers about agriculture. The firm explored a token sale in 2018.

This entailed selling cryptocurrency to the general public in order to raise revenue. However, the sale was later canceled. Despite this, Bryan apparently began selling these tokens privately. He duped the investors who put their trust in him.

In this situation, one narrative is particularly heartbreaking. Courtney Ledford, a college student, is among those who have fallen victim to this scheme. Bryan persuaded her to transfer 5000 after meeting on a dating app. Unfortunately, this 5000 was part of the college student’s final remaining funds.

Ledford never received her money again, as planned, so she sought legal counsel and realized the contract she signed was untrustworthy. This is very similar to a case we mentioned in one of our previous posts, which you can read here.

Following then, several other victims claim to have contacted Bryan seeking updates on their investments over the years.  He’d answer and keep the illusion of progress going. In other cases, though, he would simply ignore them, leaving them in the dark.

These claims are particularly troubling for his life following the show Home Improvement. His appearances on right-wing cable television, as well as several DUI convictions, have gotten him a lot of attention.


The events involving Zachery Ty Bryan have highlighted the risks of participating in unregulated crypto companies. It’s a good reminder to be cautious and do your homework before investing in any possibility. The celebs’ purported acts have surely harmed innocent people. It’s important to realize that not all blockchain ventures are scams. Furthermore, investors must be cautious and seek real possibilities with recognized firms.


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